As you will know, we closed Zoo Skatepark in March in line with Government Guidance around the COVID-19 restrictions and the skatepark has remained closed since that point. 


In August some COVID restrictions were lifted around indoor sporting facilities. However, the government issued very specific guidance around the measures that facilities like Zoo would need to put in place in order to operate safely. We have been assessing the various risks on our site in line with these measures and in consultation with the City of York Council and we feel that it is not possible to safely implement some of the required measures around social distancing and hygiene at the Zoo site. 


To compound issues further, we had a safety inspection of the facilities at Zoo that highlighted some structural improvements to the site that would need to be made before we can open again. Arrangements to complete these improvements have been stalled due to a complex situation around the land rights that will need to be resolved before any structural work can commence on the required improvements to make the site safe. 


For these reasons we have had to take the really difficult decision to close Zoo Skatepark until such time where these issues can be resolved and we do not expect this to be for the foreseeable future. 


We know that this will be a huge blow to our loyal members and the wider skater community in York. The Zoo Skatepark management team and our staff  are deeply upset about the decision we are now forced to take but feel that these decisions are unavoidable in light of the challenges we have outlined above. We will continue to try to resolve these issues and bring Zoo Skatepark back at some point in the future. However, for now we would like to thank all of our members and supporters for their kind support and well wishes during these challenging times. 


If you have any queries regarding your membership or previous bookings then please email info@zooskateparks.com and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 


Many thanks,


The Zoo Skatepark Management Team