Ability Descriptions

Young Scooters

Our young scooter sessions are for scooter riders aged 5 to 10 years. All our young scooter sessions are supervised by trained staff who will help riders use the skatepark safely and can teach the young scooters the basics of safe skatepark riding and skatepark ettiequte. We make sure all skatepark users are riding within their ability whilst helping them progress. Helmets must be worn by all young scooter riders and we highly recommend knee and elbow pads are worn. All children at our young scooter sessions must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Please note our maximum capacity of young scooter sessions is 15. 

All Abilities

Our all abilities sessions are open to anyone of any skating ability, from beginners to more advanced skatepark users, and also open to people of all ages. As beginners will be mixing with the more experienced riders we ask that people respect each others abilities and have a good understanding of skatepark etiquette. 

Beginner / Intermediate

Our beginner / Intermediate sessions are for skatepark users who are wanting to learn anything from the basics of skatepark riding, such as dropping in and carving on ramps, to getting started with some tricks, airs, grinds and stunts performed by skatepark sports. We always aim to staff these sessions with skaters who can help with some of these basics. Skatepark users can feel comfortable using the skatepark with skaters of a similar ability in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 


Our advanced sessions are for experienced skatepark users only. Skaters must be able to drop in and perform tricks, airs, grinds and stunts comfortably. These sessions allow our more advanced skatepark users to have free flow of the skatepark to express themselves and develop their tricks and style without having to worry about collisions with people just starting to use skateparks.